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Thanks for being honest!

Hey kids (and adults)!

You've arrived on this page because you encountered a piece of content that is for "adults only" and you clicked the option to say that you weren't over 18. That's cool, thanks for being honest.

Why is some content hidden?

Because I write for adults, kids, and young adults, not everything on my site is for everyone. Whatever page it was you were on before this one was one of the stories I've written with adults in mind. It might be violent, scary, or contain themes that aren't appropriate for people under 18.

What happens now?

Don't panic. You didn't do anything wrong and you haven't seen anything you shouldn't have.

Try a different page on my site - there is plenty of stuff for kids as for those pesky grown-ups.

FAQ about my Age Gate

Hey! I said I was a grown-up but you keep asking me?

I decided to keep the age-gate functionality on my site simple and to always check before displaying a piece of content that might not be suitable for everyone. There actually isn't much content on my site for over 18s only so, rather than run the risk that someone on a shared computer sees something they shouldn't, I decided it won't be too much of a hassle for people to confirm their age each time they tried to access the more mature content.

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