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I had a great visit to the Forest Feastival this week. Nestled amongst the trees on the Merthyr Mawr estate, it's a magical enclave of music and food that springs into life a few months of the year. There are multiple sessions during the day, family-friendly daytime slots and "adults only" evenings. The Feastival was busier this year than it has been in previous years in my experience and it's great to see the event expanding. I've been before and I'm going twice this year but if you're a first-timer, here are my recommendations...

My love of a good Christmas sandwich so no secret. Through December, I'll trough my way through close on my own body weight in of turkey-based sarnies. Hot, cold, in a sub, in a roll, if it's got turkey in it then it's got my name on it. But there's a new contender in town. A Christmas treat so good, I've actually written a blog about it. A blog about a sandwich. Maybe lockdown is finally getting to me.

Sometimes I try to do "cheffy" stuff for no good reason. Like today, where all I had to do was make some baguettes for the kids and throw some crisps and fruit on a plate. What could go wrong?

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