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Chris Lynch is a writer, technologist, digital marketeer, film-maker, comic book guy, part-time hypnotist, foodie, and general nuisance.

For the past few years, Chris has been writing Doctor Who spin-off stories in the "Haisman Universe" featuring characters such as Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart, Lucy Wilson, monsters such as the Quarks and the Great Intelligence, and a few of his own creations. Chris' first book for the "Lucy Wilson Mysteries" series "Curse of the Mirror Clowns" was short-listed for a Scribe Award in 2019.

When Chris isn't working on books, he also writes screenplays, comic books, and audio dramas. His most recent screenplay, OffWorld, is currently in post-production with a major US distributor attached.

Once a week Chris is co-host of an online radio show/podcast "Soundclash" on South Wales ONE. From time to time, you can also find him at live South Wales ONE community and charity events.

By day, Chris is IT Director for a major InsureTech business in South Wales and, prior to that, was CTO and founder of the a leading digital agency specializing in eCommerce and bespoke solutions. Chris enjoys writing about technology and digital marketing, with particular reference to how these intersect with writing and how authors can better market themselves online. In 2018, Chris wrote ["The Truth About SEO"], a guide to digital marketing for business owners that became a number 1 Amazon Best Seller in a number of categories.

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It's been a while since I looked at Shopify. One of the darlings of lockdown, Shopify promised to make every Joe Schmo the next Jeff Bezos with an easy-to-use and powerful eCommerce platform at a rock-bottom price. No inventory? No problem! YouTube was awash with adverts from self-made millionaires who had made their fortunes drop-shipping products in from China and who now wanted nothing more than to share "their secrets" with you... for a price.

Choices was an edition of Insomnia Publications "Layer Zero" anthology.

After the somewhat ignoble collapse of Insomnia Publications, a group of comic creators banded together to create a comic book anthology publishing their stories that had been due to appear in Insomnia's next "Layer Zero" anthology. A successful Kickstarter campaign was used to fund production, and the book was released exclusively at Bristol Comic Convention and to backers of the Kickstarter.

From today, you may encounter the occasional warning on my website asking you to verify that you're over 18 before you continue on to view a piece of content. Right now this mostly happens in the comics section, but you might encounter this anywhere after today.

I'm pretty relaxed about the whole Timeless Child thing. I get why some parts of Who fandom are angry about it, I get why some parts are confused by it (I am, if I think about it too hard), and I get that a lot of people are fine with changes to the mythos as long as those changes are good, well thought out, and well-executed... which they don't think the Timeless Child changes are. But broadly, I'm pretty relaxed about it. I even wrote a post a while back about how I thought The Timeless Child might actually be kind of a good thing; there is no reduction in peril for The Doctor even if they have infinite regenerations as each one is different to the last, The Doctor as we know them (and they know themselves) dies and the next Doctor could be anyone.

It's a cold and somewhat damp night here in Cardiff. Autumn is giving way swiftly to winter and Christmas is drawing near. I find I write more in the autumn and winter; perhaps it is the dark nights keeping me indoors or perhaps it is the rich vein of inspiration that the pell-mell rush through Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas offers.

One of the best things about writing stories set in the Haisman Universe and the world of "Classic Doctor Who" is how massively passionate the fandom is. I've referred to it before as being given access to the best toybox in the world, but that doesn't ever mean the toys are mine. I'm a firm believer that stories, once told, can take on a life of their own. Characters like Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, William Travers, Dame Anne Bishop, Lucy Wilson and Hobo Kostinen, all have a life beyond the words written down on the page. If I'm lucky, very lucky, the stories that I write live on past then in the minds and memories of the people who read them.

The Traveling the Vortex podcast have recorded a detailed review of the Lethbridge-Stewart Lineage collection that includes some very kind words about my story "The Arcade of Doom".

Rebuilding my website has given me the opportunity, or more accurately the excuse, to Google my older books and search old reviews or bits of marketing that might be interesting. Today I found this copy of Geek Syndicate magazine from back in 2014 that includes a sample chapter from The Magpye.

Wow! Woke up this morning to find that the books in the Great eCommerce, Business, and Marketing Book Event are dominating Top 10 lists all over Amazon. Great news for everyone involved and chance to once again say that The Truth About SEO is an Amazon best seller!

New #doctorwho theory... It seems more or less canonical that when The Doctor regenerates, they choose a face from their own past. Someone they've seen before. But where does the personality come from? Why are they grumpy, or funny, or cunning, or brave?

Back when The Dark was being released, I collected commissions of the character from some of my favourite artists. Top of the list with my fellow Monkey with a Machinegun, Stuart Tipples. His rendition of the character is classically moody, dark, and has a hawkish characteristic not unlike my favourite screen Holmes, Jeremy Brett.

I joined a writing group recently and as a published writer it seems people expect me to know about... stuff. Writing stuff. Editing stuff. Publishing stuff...

Wow... that was a week. On the back of the fantastic free book promo that Candy Jar Publishing ran for World Book Day/World Book Week, Lucy Wilson: Curse of the Mirror Clowns found its way into the top 150 free books on Amazon and all the way to #1 in a few categories.

Promotions for These 3 Streams are certainly hotting up and today the festival was featured in the Glamorgan Star. Yes, like a real boy, I was in the newspaper!

I wrote “The Arcade of Doom” for the Lethbridge-Stewart Lineage collection and it was only supposed to be a throw-away, fun story involving Lucy, Hobo, and the creepily squeaky-voiced Quarks. Set in an arcade that was an amalgam of the arcades from my childhood, including one in Porthcawl where I first encountered Gauntlet, it's a heavy dose of nostalgia for those of us who grew up paying 10p a time to play computer games.

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