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The Tardis Crew discuss The Brig

Confession time. I've been cheating on my regular podcast over at South Wales ONE, recording an episode of The Tardis Crew with Baz and Ben Greenland, Tim Gambrell, and Andy Frankham-Allen.

Listen here: https://pod.link/1583099966/episode/cfc0dc916ff39308080cae0ad4c37b10?s=09

If the names of the hosts and guests sound familiar, it's because you might also know many of them as authors for Candy Jar working on the Lethbridge Stewart, UNIT, and Lucy Wilson book series. (We considered calling ourselves "The Candy Crew", but it didn't land well as a street-name).

Baz and Ben have done a great job editing what was a raucous, rambling, five lads down the pub (although the pub was virtual and nobody actually drank anything stronger than tea) it a great podcast episode exploring just what makes Doctor Who's Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart such a beloved and long-lived character with a legacy that is still being felt in the show today.

I really enjoyed taking part in this podcast and hope to be back on The Tardis Crew sometime soon.

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