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You should try Chrome OS Flex

I wish more people knew about Chrome OS Flex.

Chrome OS Flex Home Installation: [https://support.google.com/chromeosflex/answer/11552529]

If you’re not “in the know”, Chrome OS Flex allows you to install the same operating system that ships with a new Chromebook, but onto existing PC and Mac hardware. The operating system is complete with the exception of support for Android apps but, as a long-time Chrome OS user, I can tell you that you probably won’t miss that.

I started using Chrome OS Flex back when it was “Cloudready” (before Google bought out Neverware) and revived many “dead” PCs and laptops with it. It’s an easier and more familiar alternative for the eventual owner than a machine rebuilt with Linux, whilst being equally friendly to older and lower spec hardware,

Chrome OS Flex has everything I really enjoy about the “normal” Chrome OS:

  • Speed
  • Low hardware requirements
  • Easy to use for novices
  • Excellent security
  • Great integration with Google cloud services

If you’re already using Chrome as your browser and Google Mail (GMail) as your email client, there’s very little not to like about Chrome OS and it should work “straight out of the box”, including downloading your data and preferences from Google’s cloud.

If you’ve got an old laptop hanging around, I highly recommend you give Chrome OS Flex a try.

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