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A new domain will take to build up authority. Don't expect to leapfrog older sites overnight

In keeping with the theme of SEO taking time, a word of warning on brand new domains.

Although the legends of “sandboxing” of new sites are no longer true, it will take time for your website to build up its authority in your particular vertical or niche.

The good news is that this authority is only important when you are fighting for ranking on keywords and phrases that are already heavily contested and where your competitors have already created good quality content, built links, etc.

The simplest way to make up ground fast to work in areas where your competitors haven’t. Just like finding an untapped market, an untapped keyword can be a world of opportunity.

You can use Google Adwords to research keywords and find new combinations with low or limited competition. Create content to exploit these areas and ensure you share it - if you create new, great content not only should you attract links but you will also appear in the search engine results for searches that match your new content.

A low authority domain will still rank for keywords where it is a significantly better match than a competitor.

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