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If you're not doing SEO yet… start today. If you are doing SEO, do some today, and every day after that. Any day you lose is a day your competition gains

Did I mention yet that you need to do SEO?

I hope so.

You also need to do it today. Start today, literally today, with any improvement you can make to your website, any new piece of content you can add, or any opportunity you can find to get an inbound link, social media share, or comment from a third on or about your site.

Then… do the same tomorrow.

Because SEO is changing there will always be something to do and you should aim to do that thing, whatever it is, today (or as soon as possible) because, if you don't, there’s a chance your competition will. Even if they don’t, it means your strategy is going to be a day behind where it could have been.

The web moves fast.

A good SEO project isn’t a “project” at all. Projects have a beginning, a middle, and an end. SEO can’t be that because as soon as you stop, your competition starts to catch up. Stop too long, and they overtake you.

Good SEO is a habit. Great SEO is culture. It all starts with a first day.

Some sharks die if they stop swimming. Be the shark. Swim.

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