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Down the Tubes reviews The Dark

Digging around in the deep archives of the internet I turned up a review of the first issue of The Dark over on Down the Tubes.

Markosia kindly sent us an advance copy of the first issue and we're pleased to report it's some of Chris Lynch's best work to date, complemented by some suitably moody art from Lundeen. The story is complex but well realized, with plenty to get you thinking and wondering just what will happen next.


John Freeman has been reviewing and reporting on the UK comics scene for as long as I can remember and, I suspect, a long time before that. Down the Tubes is a cornerstone of the UK indie community and getting a review here, especially one that was so positive, meant a massive amount to me as a writer back in 2010. (Who am I trying to fool, it still means a lot to me.)

Thanks, John!

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