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End of an Era: The Dark Comic Book Domain Closed

My ruthless domain cull continues with the death of thedarkcomicbook.com (not that it exhibits a significant amount of "ruth", whatever that is, to hold on to a domain long after you need it)

This is, ruth levels aside, one of the sadder deaths amidst my domain-herd. Writing The Dark and watching it be brought to life by Rick Lundeen was a fantastic experience and seeing our graphic novel in the Diamond catalogue and on comic shop shelves was a definite tick on my bucket list. Back when I was working in comics, getting your book into the Diamond catalogue was the very definition of "making it". (That, and appearing in the pages of Comics International... and we did that too).

The Dark, however, was always intended to be a standalone story and so, with the launch now many years ago, keeping the domain up and running seemed pointless. The Dark takes its place now amongst my back catalogue, but remains one of my proudest achievements.

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