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Exciting times in Neverbury.

Since the book forced its way into the world last month, we've been bouncing up and down in Amazon's horror charts and its been great to receive a few early reviews of the book. If you've already bought the book and are working your way through it, I really hope you're enjoying it. When you're done, please do consider leaving a review on Amazon - reviews have a huge impact on how easy it is for new readers to discover a book. (I mean, unless "Welcome to Neverbury" wasn't your cup of tea. If that's the case, a deeply British awkward silence is appreciated)

In the meantime, I’ve been incredibly lucky to secure a fantastic narrator, Terry Cooper, for the audiobook!

Terry has already started recording and not only is he proving to be a tremendous “voice of Neverbury” but his skills as a voice actor mean that the various characters all sound incredible. I’ve said many times that I never planned to write this book, and never planned to release it. I certainly never expected there to be an audiobook. Neverbury continues to force its way into existence, whether it’s a part of my plan or not.

Terry is almost halfway through the recordings already, so I’m expecting this to be available very soon.

In the spirit of transparency, Terry’s read throughs are also giving me the opportunity to fix a few things in the text that don’t quite work when read aloud and, somewhat inevitably, a few gaffes even my editor missed. I’ll be updating the Kindle edition when the audio book is out, and anyone who has already purchased will receive the update automatically.

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